John Hondorp - Hammond Organ

In the past 2 decades John Hondorp played the Hammond Organ on various occasions. He is a side man for many renowned jazz musicians and singers in Europe and always finds a way to fit the Hammond Organ sound in any kind of line up. He has been playing in Duo with Hamburg-based drummer Markus Strothmann, played with US jazz singer Adrienne West, recorded with German guitar player Ansgar Specht but always comes back to his favorite trio set-up: Together with Belgian guitarist Jeanfrançois Prins and Belgian/Italian drummer Bruno Castellucci.

In 2016 this trio got the chance to work with US jazzsinger and New York Voices founder, singer, arranger Darmon Meader. Darmon's solo repertoire fits the trio like a glove and started a beautiful musical friendship, renewed in 2022, when the Darmon Meader Quartett had a beautiful tour through Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and the Netherlands.




Darmon Meader European Quartet

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Darmon Meader recorded his first solo album in 2008.

Being the co-founder, arranger and vocalist of the New York Voices, Darmon brings over 30 years of vocal ensemble singing experience to the table. Fewer people know that Darmon is a great tenorist in the bebop tradition but his exquisite taste in vocal interpretation and arranging gives this quartet a fresh, surprising and exciting sound.

Succesfull tours in 2016 and 2019 led to the initiative to tour again in 2022. Four concerts in Brussels (B), Düsseldorf, Borken (D) and Enschede (NL) plus workshops in Luxemburg, Gent (B), Maastricht and Utrecht (NL) guaranteed a two week intensive collaboration that promised more to come in the future.

In the fall of 2023 this collaboration will see its next phase: A small tour with concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Where material from Darmon Meader's new solo album "Losing my mind" (2023) will surely be presented in this exciting live line-up.


Darmon Meader - sax, vocals

Jeanfrançois Prins - guitar

John Hondorp - hammond organ

Bruno Castellucci - drums

Photo by Maaike Ronhaar

may 20th, Enschede; Yonga Sun - drums

Ansgar Specht Trio

The trio was founded in 2015 in preparation of the first trio-CD "Some favourite Songs" recorded in 2016.  WIth this popular Jazz-CD in traditional Hammond-Trio line-up the Ansgar Specht Trio toured the Netherlands and Germany for the last couple of years. Preparations for the new Trio-CD are long time ready but due to the Covid situation delayed until the time is right to record and promote the new CD with a release tour.

Stay in tune with us for further news on this trio in the future.