John Hondorp started playing the Hammond Organ at the age of 7. He studied the classical "electronic organ" in at the Twents Conservatorium"in the 1980s. Graduated Cum Laude with the Concerto for Hammond Organ and Orchestra op. 125 by Louis Toebosch.

After the tech-landslide caused by the development of Keyboards and MIDI, Hammond Organ became an instrument in the jazz department of ArtEZ School of Arts in Enschede (NL). The curriculum was rewritten for Hammond Organ as a jazz major by John. Students from his Hammond class are now spread around the world and succesful organ players (Elvis Sergo (NL), Dirk Schaadt (D, Nord), Kajetan Galas (Poland), Adra Karim (Indonesia).


Recorded albums:

John Hondorp Trio - Open Stories (the music of Dominik Korte 2006)

Transitions Organ Duo - No Idea (with drummer Markus Strothmann 2014)

Ansgar Specht Trio - Some favourite Songs (2016)



Ruud Weber Band - New Blues (2014)

Blues Company - Ain't givin'up (2019)



Markus Strothmann, Ansgar Specht, Jeanfrançois Prins, Judy Niemack, Darmon Meader, Adrienne West, Durk Hijma, Reinier Baas, Dominik Korte, Uli Brodersen, Matthias Bergmann, Linley Hamilton, Jan Wessels, Peter Weniger, Paul Heller, Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Tony Lakatos, Nippy Noya, Ruud Ouwehand,  Frans Völlink, Joost van Schaik, Bruno Castellucci, Sebastiaan Cornelissen.